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Mina Gerowin created the idea of MATHS4GIRLS and then found the perfect partners in Sherry Coutu, CEO of FOUNDERS4SCHOOLS and Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 WOMEN IN FINANCE.

Mina is an international investment banker and asset manager who trained as a lawyer and also in Political Economy. Mina led global event, credit and merger arbitrage investing at a large hedge fund, which helped their investors to avoid the 2008 Financial Crash.
Mina Gerowin
”Maths is a LANGUAGE – and it’s the vital language for every girls’s future career”,  said Mina, “All business and finance careers will need Maths  – and all STEM  careers,  as well as Architecture and Military careers,  as well as IT and digital jobs."

”So it is very important that all British girls continue to learn Maths through A levels –  in order to preserve their future career options.  Maths is also needed so that girls can understand SERIOUS  money – not just earnings and spending but also mortgages,  investments and loan interest rates.”
The still-male-dominated money world of finance was tough for a woman to enter in the 1980s when, in their square-shouldered trouser suits, they started to do that.

Unfortunately, in the UK, only 4 out of every 10 students who sit for the Advanced–Level maths examination – known as A levels – are girls. So this is where two impressive organisations are combining to produce a pilot scheme which intends to see eventually a higher visibility of females in the Finance Industry.

This programme will provide girls aged 11-14 (in years7, 8, 9) with the encouragement and opportunity to improve their maths. Generous and successful women volunteers from 100 WOMEN IN FINANCE will visit schools for sessions in which to talk and answer questions in classes and assemblies.

Mina Gerowin says,
“These volunteers will visit schools to meet girls and explain how they have used maths all the time in their jobs and careers as well as in their home life and caring for their children.”

Business leaders connect with young people through FOUNDERS4SCHOOLS because they need modern skills to grow their own careers and businesses. Thousands of Head Teachers and parents can rely on FOUNDERS4SCHOOLS to make it easy for every student to meet in their classroom with at least one employer while they are between the ages of 6 and 17 – and to secure 100 hours of work experience by the time they reach 16 to 18 years old. This has proved to significantly improve a student’s prospects.

This scheme fits with the determination of 100 WOMEN IN FINANCE to achieve something positive about the over-population of men in the finance and alternative investment industry – particularly in the investment roles which traditionally lead to executive positions with executive pay.
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