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The Maths Anxiety Trust aims to eliminate anxiety about Maths

First step - discover if you have Maths Anxiety by doing the 'Quick Check' on the Guidance page.


The Mathematics Anxiety Research Group at the University of Derby have produced this excellent crash course on Maths Anxiety. 


If you find that you need help with maths and have a PC, Tablet or Smartphone you can download Shirley Conran’s FREE do-it-by-yourself Maths course from here.
MONEY STUFF is a FREE interactive ebook for iPad, PC and Android. It is a do-it-by-yourself, 4-step maths course for Real Life. It connects maths to Real life.

MONEY STUFF can be used as a starter or as a refresher, a complete maths course for anyone that follows the GCSE syllabus. Successfully tested over two years in school, university and by working women, MONEY STUFF gets good feedback from students, teachers, educational professionals.

Want to be famous? You’ll need to work out your royalties, check that people aren’t ripping you off… Want to run a restaurant? You’ll need numbers for recipe quantities, you’ll need to understand profit margins, so you know how much to charge. MONEY STUFF relates maths to real ambitions.

Want to know how to split a pizza bill? Want to understand mobile phone offers and fuel tariffs?


Know what you want to do when you finish your studies?

Have a look at the National Careers Service website which lists over 800 hundred types of job, tells you what they pay you and what qualifications you need.

Each job listed explains:
⦁  The skills and qualifications needed to get that job.
⦁  What working in that job would be like.
⦁  The pay you could expect.
⦁  What the career possibilities are.

National Careers Service information for those interested in a career as a plumber, or anything else.

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