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The Maths Anxiety Trust aims to eliminate anxiety about Maths


To calculate whether a person has Maths Anxiety – and if so, to what degree – different educational psychologists use different scales of measurement, which may be difficult for a parent to understand.


The Maths Anxiety Trust use this simple 1-10 scale, with 1 meaning, ‘I love maths’, and 10 meaning, ’I hate maths.’


On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as feeling Maths Anxiety, if 1 = Love it and 10 = Hate it?


1. I love maths!

2.  I like maths.

3.  I never feel anxious about maths

4.  I hardly ever feel anxious about maths.

5.  Sometimes I feel anxious about maths or get a sinking feeling.

6.  I always feel anxious about maths.

7.  Maths makes me feel helpless, stupid or useless.

8.  I panic if asked to do a maths problem.

9.  Maths makes my mind go blank, so I can’t think clearly

10. I hate maths!


If you scored 5 or more in response to the above question this indicates Maths Anxiety.


This web site have been designed to help you.  Start resolving your maths anxiety by going back to the home page and using the resources provided.


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