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The Maths Anxiety Trust aims to eliminate anxiety about Maths

Identifying and sharing new developments in learning, promoting their application by connecting ideas with practice
The Learning Skills Foundation® (established in 2009) has “How to Learn” as its central focus. We believe ‘How to learn’ is just as important as ‘What to learn' and we work to help children reach their full potential by identifying, supporting and promoting effective learning skills of all kinds.

We sponsor and organise the popular Junior Memory Championship™ now going into its 12th year.  This pioneering educational initiative promotes memory techniques in schools, working with teachers to introduce pupils to the benefits of powerful learning strategies.

We work to promote vital dialogue between teachers, psychologists and academics that will enhance understanding of the underlying processes of how brains encode learning of new information and concepts. This will allow us to shape education for all in the future based on universal, evidence-based principles rather than constantly changing theories and policies of the day.

Our aim is to provide practical solutions and we have established Learnus® as a think tank to pave the way.  Learnus is closely engaged with the Centre for Educational Neuroscience (CEN) and others working in the fields of neuroscience and education with the principal aim of providing a bridge between the latest academic discoveries about how the brain functions and the teaching community.

The LSF's incorporation of the Maths Anxiety project is the product of close cooperation between the principals of both organisations.  It underlines our determination to realise the potential of each and every person who wants to learn.
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