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The Maths Anxiety Trust aims to eliminate anxiety about Maths

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In November 2017, Money Advice Service found that in a survey of 2,086 UK working age adults who took a numeracy assessment, 45% were found to have poor or low numeracy levels. [ref: Adult Numeracy and Financial Literacy]  link


On 16th May 2018, KPMG announced a YouGov online poll of 11,012 adults. 37% had felt stressed about everyday tasks involving numeracy and 45% admit to struggling with these tasks.


In March 2018, Dame Shirley Conran commissioned The Langley Park Schools Survey, an in-depth survey of 2,000 pupils in two schools with excellent maths exam results.  It reported the following:


Around 25% of the boys and 25% of the girl students have Maths Anxiety.


An additional 15% said that they experience Maths Anxiety sometimes.


For the full report of the Langley Park School survey use this link.

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