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Articles concerning Maths Anxiety in National and International Press

Teachers and too much homework contribute to maths anxiety – study"

Level of maths anxiety within same school or classroom found to predict individuals’ maths achievement
The Guardian 8th February 2022

Predicting Maths Anxiety from Mathematical Achievement across the transition from Primary to Secondary Education
The Royal Society 27th November 2019

‘People are scared of looking foolish’:
how maths anxiety is holding us back.
The Guardian 24th June 2019

Origins and nature of 'math anxiety'.
Science Daily 14th March 2019

‘Maths anxiety’ causing fear and despair in children as young as six
Guardian 14th March 2019

Children with ‘maths anxiety’ experience rage and despair with some reduced to tears, researchers find
Independent, 14 March 2019

Maths Anxiety is a real thing
Metro 18 March 2019
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