What’s it got to do with a parent ? Perhaps a lot..

Recommendations for parents from the Maths Action Survey, What’s It Got To Do With Me. This is a Survey of 400 girls in year 9 (13 and 14 year olds) and year 12 (16 and 17 year olds).

1. Maths in not an inherited ability. Mothers should never say that they were no good at maths, when they were at school. (Mothers may have been badly taught) This is interpreted by the daughter as permission to be bad at maths. Instead, mothers should say, ‘There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be good at maths.’

2. Only 39% of year 9 have a regular weekly allowance. this is regrettable, because girls do not then learn how to budget, manage and save money. We recommend  a weekly allowance to instil good habits.

3. Only 45% of year 9 girls undertake regular jobs at home. This is a pity because regular household tasks incorporate a girl into the home system-support work.

We recommend one daily and one weekly task to be linked to pocket money payments. Girls may then appreciate that beds don’t make themselves, that dull work is part of any job and that housework should be a family team effort.

4.We recommend that Parents should not help with maths homework. The main two reasons for homework are for reinforcement of a lesson learned and for the student to learn and work alone. We believe that parents need to see that homework is prepared on time and tidy. Parents are not qualified to teach maths.