Money Stuff

“Your Daughter’s Future” a downloadable guide for parents to support their daughters as they make important decisions about their next steps – on the National Careers Service website.

Your Life is  aimed at young adults in the UK, helping to ensure that they have the maths and science skills needed to succeed in the current competitive global economy. It looks to inspire young people, to study maths and physics as a gateway into wide-ranging careers whilst also triggering employers to recruit and retain this talent.

MONEY STUFF, a free maths course (Level 3) for girls, who don’t like maths, by Shirley Conran, designed for the iPad and available through Apple iBooks. This ebook does not need a teacher and relates maths to daily life.
There are two editions:
MONEY STUFF (the British edition). For information, see

MONEY STUFF INTERNATIONAL (the dollar edition)is also available  – but only outside the UK. Both are available FREE on the iBookstore.