Do Parents Hate Maths Homework?

Some parents feel obliged to help their children with maths problems.
This is a relatively recent demand by schools, regrettable because:

  1. Homework is supposed to be practice for children to work on their own.
  1. The parent may be no good at maths or has been taught in a different, old-fashioned way…
  1. Which can promote arguments..
    Which can be harassing for the parent, who may have done a hard day’s work.
    Which can lead to family discord.
  1. A parent’s job is to see that its child does its homework — not to do it for their children, to ANY degree.
  1. The maths teacher is supposed to teach maths to children, not to parents.
  1. 50% of maths teachers are NOT qualified to teach maths. So why add a different, unqualified teacher to the equation?