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Maths helps your confidence!

Be inspired
Take a look at our Ambition film and the maths workshop at Langley Park School for Girls to see how a different approach to maths can really make a difference.

iBooks Cover VertIf you need help with maths and have an iPad, you can download Shirley Conran’s FREE do-it-by-yourself Maths course.

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To calculate whether a person has Maths Anxiety – and if so, to what degree – different educational psychologists use different scales of measurement, which may be difficult for a parent
to understand.

The Maths Anxiety Trust use this simple 1-10 scale,
with 1 meaning, ‘I love maths’, and 10 meaning, ’I hate maths.’

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as feeling Maths Anxiety, if 1 = love it and 10 – Hate it?

  1. I love maths!
  2. I like maths.
  3. I never feel anxious about maths
  4. I hardly ever feel anxious about maths.
  5. Sometimes I feel anxious about maths or get a sinking feeling.
  6. I always feel anxious about maths.
  7. Maths makes me feel helpless, stupid or useless.
  8. I panic if asked to do a maths problem.
  9. Maths makes my mind go blank, so I can’t think clearly
  10. I hate maths!

If you choose numbers 5 ,6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 – this indicates Maths Anxiety, to some degree.

Scientist,  vlogger,  teacher or journalist?


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Singer, sailor, doctor, dancer?

Know what you want to do when you finish your studies?

Have a look at the National Careers Service website which lists over 800 hundred types of job, tells you what they pay you and what qualifications you need.
Each job listed explains:

– The skills and qualifications needed to get that job.
– What working in that job would be like.
– The pay you could expect.
– What the career possibilities are.

National Careers Service: Plumber
National Careers Service information for those interested in a career as a plumber, or anything else.

Whatever you decide to do, whoever you want to be, you will need your maths skills.

WARNING! From time to time, this website is unavailable because it is being updated.
If this is the case, you might try telephoning 0800 100 900 for information.


Robert Ahdoot
Californian maths teacher, Robert Ahdoot,has 2 million hits a months on his FREE teach-you-maths website.

Robert’s online lessons involve the entire class. Watch him teach statistics on his website.

If you’ re a gambler, you already know that lesson, so choose one of the others – maybe algebra or geometry.

Robert says, “With modern media technology, high quality maths lessons can be put into classrooms and living rooms.”

He adds, “Screen teaching is a blessing because all maths teachers are good at maths but they are not always good at teaching.”

“And within the next decade in America, 80% of jobs created will require maths and science skills, according to the American National Science Foundation.”

What is the probability that 80% of British jobs may also need, maths and science skills by year 2030? Very high.

[Source: Tedtalks, 2 April 2018]