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The Maths Anxiety Trust aims to Eliminate Anxiety about Maths

Invitation to a
Learnus/Maths Anxiety Trust Webinar

Maths Anxiety
Integrating Theory and Practice

Tuesday 9th February 2021
at 5.00pm

Dr Thomas Hunt and Dr Heidi Kirkland

Attendance is free
Maths anxiety relates to stress, tension, apprehension, panic, and worry associated with maths. This may involve mathematical problem solving, evaluation, and situations involving numbers more generally. In our webinar, we will introduce some key findings from the academic literature, including evidence of the causes and impact of maths anxiety. We will discuss and integrate theory with practice through a specific focus on educational settings. Finally, we will consider some brief strategies that appear to be effective in reducing maths anxiety.

Dr Thomas Hunt is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Derby and leads the Mathematics Anxiety Research Group www.marg.wp.derby.ac.uk

Dr Heidi Kirkland’s doctoral thesis focused on Maths Anxiety in the primary classroom, and supporting children’s achievement and progression in Mathematics.  Heidi has held teaching and leadership roles in both state and independent schools, in the UK and internationally and currently works as a class teacher at The Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
"Maths Anxiety may be fuelling a National crisis"

Cambridge University researchers have said that 1 in 10 children suffer from "despair and rage"  [at maths].

"Children with Maths Anxiety experience rage and despair with some reduced to tears, researchers find". 


Doctor Denes Szuchs, co-author of the study, said "Our findings should be of real concern for educators"







Talks for Teachers

Maths Anxiety Trust and Mathematics Anxiety Research Group are delighted to announce that they will be partnering to present a series of talks for primary school teachers.  Dates and venues to be announced here.  The talks will be given by Dr Thomas Hunt who leads the Mathematics Anxiety Research Group.

"People are scared of looking foolish:  how maths anxiety is holding us back."
What is Maths Anxiety?

It is defined as a negative emotional reaction to mathematics, leading to varying degrees of helplessness, panic and mental disorganisation that arises among some people when faced with a mathematical problem.
Shirley Conran OBE,  Hon Fellow UCL
Founder and Patron of The Maths Anxiety Trust
"Although Maths Anxiety has been recognised in higher academic circles for over half a century and although it affects a significant proportion of the population, it is little known about by the wider general public or even the teaching profession. 

Mathematics – maths – is a social justice issue: around one in five adults in the UK lack even basic numeracy skills without which they find it difficult to budget; they feel stressed and insecure about money regardless of their income, and they struggle to overcome barriers to progression in work.

In 2018 I set up The Maths Anxiety Trust to raise public awareness and understanding of the condition known as Maths Anxiety and to find solutions.

We have created this web site dedicated to Maths Anxiety as a resource for anyone and everyone (teachers, parents, students, adults) who experience Maths Anxiety. We have developed resources which you will find on the site and which we hope you will find helpful.  We will be developing new resources in the coming months.

Whatever you do in life whether your dream is to become a famous footballer, pilot, dressmaker, singer, doctor, sailor, dancer ....  Maths is essential.”

Shirley Conran OBE, Founder of Maths Anxiety Trust, in conversation with Peter York




Margaret Brown OBE Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education at King’s College London,

Charity trustee and co-chair of the Executive Committee of Maths World UK

Maths Anxiety Coping Strategies Guide

Does your child get anxious before a maths lesson? Do they struggle over their maths homework? Have you noticed them fret when there’s a maths exam?

This free booklet has been commissioned by Maths Anxiety Trust and written by Helen Whitten a cognitive behavioural coach who presents techniques to overcome the negative effect of this condition.


Money Stuff is a free, online, do-it-yourself 4-step maths course for real lfe

This 4 part course can be used as a starter or as a refresher, a complete maths course, for anyone who follows the GCSE syllabus.

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